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This is the basic framework I use for generating sprites in Lore of Rune Era (LORE).  The UnityPackage here includes the basic classes used, which can be extended to provide any kind of behavior you want.  The example here generates handheld game console sprites, like this:

The key components of this framework are:

  1. The ItemSpriteTemplate class, which defines a sprite generator as a list of ColorPalettes and SpriteGenerationLayers.
  2. ColorPalette, which just holds a list of colors.
  3. SpriteGenerationLayer, which references one of the ColorPalettes from the ItemSpriteTemplate by index, and which has a list of Sprites that it randomly picks from.  For behaviors other than colorizing and applying a random Sprite, you can extend SpriteGenerationLayer and have it do whatever.

This package is provided as-is and without support, documentation, or promise of update - it is intended primarily as a learning tool or jumping-off point for a more comprehensive tool.

This tool is licensed under the MIT License.


LoreSpriteGeneration.unitypackage 18 kB

Install instructions

Download the unitypackage and import it into Unity (Assets-> Import Package -> Custom Package...)

You can create new ScriptableObject instances of the templates and layers by right-click -> Create -> SpriteGeneration.

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