Flip through procedurally generated spellbooks with procgen spells.  Click the left and right sides of the screen to flip through the pages.

The goal of this project was to procedurally generate ritual magic.   While this is just a viewer of text representations of the spells, the idea is that this technique could be applied to a game (such as a roguelike), where you'd generate the rituals based on the available actions (Verbs) and items (Nouns) in your game.  The spells are composed of an Effect and several Verb-Noun combos.  The Effect specifies a target type, which at least one of the Verbs will target - this allows the spell to be targeted at a specific person/item.

Font is Quarterstaff by @somepx

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Made withUnity
TagsFantasy, Magic, Pixel Art, Procedural Generation, PROCJAM


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ok now implement this into a game i beg you


Really like the art for this!


This is so sick!!! I love the little runic artwork for all the spells, too. I'd love to play a game that used a system like this.